Who are we?

Ibrahim Technologies Ghana Limited (I.T. Ghana Limited) is based in Accra and locally owned with branches in all the regional capitals all over the nation. We’re responsible members of the country, thoroughly focused on improving the consumer and small to medium-sized business computer-repair/technical support landscape with impeccable, personalized service that empowers our clients. We provide an unparalleled range of computer repair and technical solutions services. We repair all makes and models of desktop computers and laptop computers, PCs and Apple/Mac. We also sell new and used Desktops and Laptops; we build and maintain Networks of all types, including mixed PC and Mac networks. With us no Technical challenge is too great; no Technical problem is too small.


I.T. Ghana Limited was founded on a sincere desire in 2010 to provide the very best, most qualitative, honest, reliable, and cost-effective computer repair and technical support in Ghana.

At I.T. Ghana Limited we believe in responsible, forward-looking vision, and eco-focused behavior and business practices.

Our number one goal – Your approval

We treat each and every one of our clients’ computers as though they were our own. We value all of our clients and we’ll treat you as a member of our family, which in essence you are once we have served you. We form solid relationships with our business clients, and they know we’ll always be there for them, answering every question, no matter how big or small, whenever they need answers and support, regardless of the day or time.
We are Ghana’s fastest-growing computer-repair/technical-support services company, in fact because of our growing reputation for fantastic, personalized service... and we zealously protect it.

More Information

I.T. Ghana Limited is a Ghana-based computer repair company offering a complete range of computer repair and tech support services. We perform computer repair on all makes and models of desktop computers and laptop computers, including Apple and MAC.

Contact Us

Email: ibkokroko1@gmail.com, ibkokroko@yahoo.com
Phone: 0242868588 / 0200233922


RCC, C/O NADMO, Wa Upper West Region. Ghana